3D scatter plot for MS Excel


MS Excel has standard chart types for this:

Excel XY scatterplot ...or this: Excel 3D columns chart ...or this: Excel bubble chart


...but not this:

3D scatter plot (Fig. 1)

4D bubbles scatter plot (Fig. 2) 3D scatter plot with vertical leading lines (Fig. 3)


The workbook below features a proper 3D scatterplot within MS Excel. The chart has these properties:

  • Display points with arbitrary X/Y/Z values
  • Rotate the plot freely in all three dimensions (see animated GIF 1MB, assembled from screenshots )
  • Zoom into the plot and shift projection
  • Option to color points according to X,Y, or Z value or a 4th column, using a macro (see Fig. 1)
  • Option to make 4D bubble plots (143kB JPG) according to X,Y, or Z value or a 4th column, using a macro (see Fig. 2)
  • Vertical leading lines (143kB JPG) for the plotted points (see Fig. 3)
  • Option to create dynamic labels for each point, using a macro

Inspired by Andy Pope's "Simulated 3d XY scatter" http://www.andypope.info/charts.htm


This ZIP archive contains an Excel woorkbook with VBA macros and a PDF manual. The VBA code is free software. See GNU General Public License for details.

Download Excel3Dscatterplotv2_1.zip (3.1 MB ZIP).

You are encouraged to send me nice samples of plots you have created with the help of this macro:
Gabor Doka: scaplo {at} doka {dot} ch


If you encounter problems, please contact me:   Gabor Doka: scaplo {at} doka {dot} ch

The worksheet above was created with Excel 14.0 (2011), but should be running on other versions too (However Excel 2008 for Mac does not have any VBA macro capability).


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