A picture is worth a thousand words.

- and quite a few numbers too.

But how valuable is a picture of this sort:

Sample of a Sankey Diagram by Sankey Helper 2.1

Until now such pictures -- Sankey diagrams -- were worth either a Sisyphoic effort: by piecing them together in a drawing program, only to redo them when the figures change.
Or you could alternatively pay a lot of money for specialised charting or visualisation programs that could do the trick.
MS Excel is unable to display Sankey diagrams -- or better 'was unable'.

Sankey Helper v2.1
helps you design Sankey diagrams from Excel data ... in Excel !


  • Adjacent aligning of neighbouring fluxes can vanish when data changes.
  • User-assisted assignment procedure (data-to-shapes) necessary
  • Requires some familiarity in handling the standard drawing objects in Excel/MSOffice

Sample diagram:

The picture above is a direct example of a Sankey diagram created with Sankey Helper 2.1. The defining data table looks like this:

Excel table for the sample above

In the sample picture there are 17 macro-assigned Sankey shapes (lines and arrows).

Sankey Helper 2.1 comes as an Excel Workbook containing Visual Basic macros and 5 examples that hint at the versatility of this little miracle. Included is also a Read me/Manual as PDF document.


Again: Sankey Helper is almost free:
Send me one of your diagrams, use it for free.

Download Sankey Helper 2.1 Sankey Helper 2.1, macros and sample data sheet (in one Excel98 workbook) and 'Read me' document (as PDF file), ZIP-compressed file (264kB)

What's new in version 2.1?

  • The assignment between Sankey shapes and table cells is done in a new way, that - unlike v.2.0 - allows to shift und move cells
  • New toolbar for Sankey macros (inspired by Oliver Cencic of Vienna Technical University)
  • Recalculation of the sheet prompts the Sankey diagram to update
  • New macro for quick creation of a simple Sankey arrow from a single data cell
  • New macro that toggles Sankey lines to Sankey shapes and back
  • New macro to search and replace substrings in shape names
  • Due to the new assignment between shapes and cells, Sankey Helper 2.1 won't be able to process Sankey diagrams created with version 2.0 (If you complain loud enough about this, I might write a filter)

Send diagrams/suggestions/questions/complaints to doka(at)unite.ch

The former version is here, but is not compatible with the new version: Download Sankey Helper 2.0 (218kB ZIP)

The very basic first version of Sankey Helper (v.1.0) is here.

Sankey Helper 2.1 by Gabor Doka, Zurich, Switzerland, 5. November 2004