Sankey Helper: Sankey diagrams in Excel


A picture is worth a thousand words. - and quite a few numbers too.

But how valuable is a picture of this sort:

Sample of a Sankey Diagram by Sankey Helper 2.4

Until now such pictures – Sankey diagrams – were worth either a sisyphoic effort: by piecing them together in a drawing program, only to redo them when the figures change.
Or you could alternatively pay a lot of money for specialised charting or visualisation programs that could do the trick.
MS Excel is unable to create Sankey diagrams – or better 'was unable':

Sankey Helper v2.4 helps you design Sankey diagrams from Excel data ... in Excel !


  • Creates Sankey diagrams directly in MSExcel.
  • Updated diagrams from changed data in no time.
  • Based on the common MSExcel. No additional software necessary.
  • Freeware resp. Sankey-ware: Send me a diagram, use it for free.


  • Adjacent aligning of neighbouring fluxes can vanish when data changes.
  • User-assisted naming of data cells necessary
  • Ability in handling the standard drawing objects in Excel/MSOffice is required

Sample diagram

The picture above is an example of an elaborate Sankey diagram created with the assistance of Sankey Helper 2.4.
New in v2.4 is a One-step-default-diagram-macro straight from Excel tables. The default diagram can look like this:

Sankey Helper default diagram

Sankey Helper 2.4 comes as an Excel Workbook containing Visual Basic macros (VBA) and several examples that hint at the versatility of this little miracle - if I say so myself. Included is also a Read me/Manual as PDF document.


Again: Sankey Helper is almost free:
Send me one of your diagrams, use it for free.
Sankey Helper is free software under the GNU Public License External Link:.


Sankey Helper 2.4.1, macros and sample data sheets (in an Excel2004 workbook) and 'Read me' document (as PDF file):
Download Sankey Helper 2.4.1, ZIP-compressed archive (1562 kB)

What's new in version 2.4?

  • New macro for One-step-default-diagram as shown above
  • Enhanced colouring features: colours from data cells, creation of colour hue variations
  • Macro 'f_NewFlux' works on cell ranges too and resulting Sankey shapes are stacked nicely

Upcoming: SankeyTurtle

Please check out the idea for the upcoming 'pragramming language' for SankeyHelper, called SankeyTurtle and drop me some comments if you like: SankeyTurtle Beta description


Send diagrams/suggestions/questions/complaints to sankey [at]

The page of the former version 2.2 is here Sankey Helper 2.2; version 2.1 is here Sankey Helper 2.1

The very basic first version of Sankey Helper (v.1.0) is here.

List of similar Sankey software External Link: (free and commercial ones) at the worthwhile Sankey-diagram-blog.

Sankey Helper 2.4 by Gabor Doka, Zurich, Switzerland, © 2004-2009, GPL free software External Link: